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the Make it Happen Planner

Make YOUR Promises.


Write YOUR Purpose.


Live YOUR Best Life.

Undated (12 Month) Planner/Journal/Mind Opening Tool

You need it.

Naming Happiness + Remembering WHO YOU ARE

Establishing Your PURPOSE

Understanding The Moon's Phases + How We're Affected

Time Management

Setting Out Yearly Goals + Attaining

Making + Breaking Habits

Daily Tasks + Scheduling In Your PURPOSE

Being Your True Authentic Self + Digging Even Deeper

Energy Balance + Chakra Learning

Do you want to feel that spark for life again?

This will be the BEST Productivity Planner you've ever owned


It's time to plan your life around more than just work and obligations. YOU DECIDE what you put your precious energy into.

#1: You

Sure, there are 3 other aspects to PURPOSE, but it starts with #1

Always a Student

Learning about energy and spiritual aspects of the world are never boring. Make it a priority to learn something every waxing moon.

MIHM Community

Ready? Join our community and utilize the MAX out of this planner! We have a new focus each month to enhance your life and all you surround.

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