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The whole shebang! 2024 Lunar Calendar and Moon Guidelines NOW included in your package!!!



Purpose Workpages, to Write Your Bible and Make Promises to your Intentional Life and Happiness


Monthly Writing Prompts


Beginner's Crystal Guide


Moon Phases and How They Affect You

  • Moon Phase Stickers for the entire year  
  • 2021 Lunar Calendar (Comes as full page sticker sheet- your choice if you want to apply to end of Moon Phase Guide!)

Coloring Pages for Solstices and Equinoxes


Wet Erase Pages with Directional Methods, Monthly Habits/Make-Break, and Priorities


Weekly Pages for Entire Year


Water Intake Tracker

Dinner Nightly

Shopping List with Budget

Goals + Habits

Note Section



Monthly Layout for Entire Year


Adequate Space for Notes


Gratitude Card (From you, FOR someone else) Because we are sprinkling gratitude everywhere we go...


Guidance, from our Important People FB Group! 


Kit includes: Monthly + Weekly Pages, Purpose Pages, Happiness Pages, Binder, Wet Erase Pages for Goals, Moon Phase Stickers, Moon Phase Calendar Post Card, Journal Prompts Each Month, Coloring Pages, Crystal and Moon Guide, Gratitude Card to Gift Someone and FREE SHIPPING


Want to complete this kit with an EASY to use Chakra Balancing Guide:

  • Includes Oils & Crystals to use for each Chakra
  • Possible Mental and Physical Ailments of each blocked Chakra
  • Causes
  • Intentions to set

Add Chakra Balancing Crystals if you wish, for $12

Rise and Rise Again A5 planner Kit


Flower Moon

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