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If its not too late to snow in April, then it's not too late for you to get your sh*t together.

My aunt is a business owner, wife and mother of two. She KNOWS the importance of time management. She KNOWS the importance of scheduling and quarterly forecasts. She is just hanging on to this thought that she is "lazy" and if she starts using her Make It Happen Planner, she no longer has an excuse. She even struggles with seasonal depression at times, so WHY the heck wouldn't she write out her PURPOSE and start living it. WHyyyyyyyyyyyy. She has the tools and doesn't want to use them. Good thing for me this won't last much longer because I'm holding a "purpose party" at Black Creek Retreat Center on April 14th and if she hasn't done it by then I'll just bribe her with some Bemis Bluff wine and a good time. (The party is an OPEN event for anyone who'd like to join!) My Planners are functional without frills (for dudes too) but I will have stickers there to jazz up your planner a bit if you'd like! Side note, my weekly goal is to start creating my own stickers and figure out my Cameo Silhouette finally.

I want to know, what is holding you back? The Make It Happen Planner is UNDATED. I don't care that it's April and you haven't started yet. That's not an excuse. There are still NINE whole months left in 2018. Looking outside, technically it's January 74th. So, New Year, New You. Let's get started!

I need feedback on this guys, so please please please help me and tell me what is holding you back! Who wants to be smart, healthy, and full of purpose?! And what is stopping you!

Imagine a day that's written out when you start it, a week where you are able to seamlessly plug in every aspect of your ever changing and growing life. A month that feels like an accomplishment and makes you eager to start the new! It's not too late. Don't wait.

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