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Understanding This Life

Such a deep title, and so needed.

Ever feel like you don't know WHO you are and what you really want to be doing? Maybe you're figuring out yourself and want a deeper understanding on your surroundings. Perhaps the same issue keeps coming up and you're unsure on how to work through it, or let it be a part of the past...

PURPOSE. In order to LIVE it, you have to decide what's important enough to make promises to. This falls into each aspect- Personal (Most important and toughest), Family/Friends, Society/Faith and Career/Education. You create the game plan, you live it, and when you fall off- you decide where you want to get back on and how. In writing your PURPOSE, you are also double dutying with boundaries. Each PURPOSE promise you make also has a boundary attached to it. Ex: Never allow business to overrule love. In creating that promise, you are creating a boundary to your loved ones, to make sure you're pouring into them equally or more (whichever feels right) than your job or your business. I wouldn't work so hard if I didn't have a family to provide for, and friends to hang out with- and it's truly the reason for the season. Ultimately, we need balance in our lives. Doing so, creates a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra and a healthy, happy life- full of peace and full of abundance. It's truly amazing how it all connects.

Understanding ENERGY. It's true that every physical thing that happens to us starts energetically. Even a car accident. Your legs and feet become unsteady because your safety has been compromised. That is root chakra energy. Grounding, stability and safety. Before you get a mad migraine, you feel "full" in your brain or stuck in your powerband (base of skull), if that energy isn't released, you'll find yourself with a bad headache. Understanding the chakra system and how it affects your mentality and physical being is a game changer. You know what to expect. You know a little bit more on WHY this could be happening. Plugging in PURPOSE promises makes all the difference.

Living with the MOON. Everyday energy is not the same. We must flow with the Moon to have the best chance at peace and abundance. A constant cycle of DOING and BEING with the Moon is undoubtedly a huge factor in the ease in which your life happens. Entering into a New Moon means we must release the stagnant, let go of the outdated energy that doesn't serve our greatest good. Unless we truly surrender the days before the New Moon, we won't be ready. Once opening up for new possibilities, we can encompass the New Moon's energy into new ideas and new beginnings. For 2 weeks following, we have that action energy. The DOING moon. Work hard and flow towards the Full Moon, or the Harvest Moon. Decide what you'd like to celebrate. Immediately following the Full Moon is the Gratitude Moon (or resentment moon, you decide in your actions and your thoughts). Creative gratitude to give back for your harvest will ignite the energies around you. 5-6 days after each Full Moon we start to release, organize and let go. This is the BEING Moon. Ditching what isn't needed/wanted for the next New Moon. It sounds simple because it is. It's up to you to schedule accordingly.

I have been teaching the MAKE IT HAPPEN Method for years, and finally put into an online course for students to take at their leisure. It integrates with the MAKE IT HAPPEN planner, and combined allows for purposeful harmony.

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