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Negativity: the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something

“Happiness cannot come from without it must come from within.” -Hellen Keller


Go back to being five. What did you think you’d do with your life, before the world told you you couldn’t? I was going to be a judge in the Supreme Court. That faded fast because when I was in school, I hated it. It didn’t make sense to me that I was in school to learn, but at someone else’s pace. Homeschooling was the place for me. Boom Boom Bang. Then onto vocational school and a million jobs and so much LEARNING from the real world. Thankfully for me, I had amazing parents and mentors to help me along the way, encouraging and never dragging me down telling me something was impossible or I couldn’t do something. THANK GOD. I don’t want to think of where I would be if the opposite was true.

It breaks my heart to talk to people and they have no optimism shining through, no light in their tunnel. Obviously, it’s because too many people told them they couldn’t. Sure, you must have the willingness to succeed. Having a plan and some steam isn’t enough, because, there are going to be people who suck that steam right out of you. Smile at those people and move forward as soon as you can. When negativity comes at you: replace it with 5 positives. Immediately, and always. Soon you’ll waterproof yourself of pessimism, and you will be able to turn that criticism into problem solving greatness. The “haters” will follow.

Go back to when you were a kid, it didn’t feel good to be naughty did it? It was the worst, you were always scared to get in trouble and there’s always negativity lingering. There’s no difference to when people are always trying to find fault in someone else, to condemn their every thought and action.

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY but try to grow from it: When someone is being negative, first remind yourself that it’s not even about you, it’s about them. Then, take their word vomit and a. put a positive spin on it b. try to grow from it. Don’t spend too much time doing this but always take a quick glance within to see if this could somehow help you. If you're reading this blog post, you know damn well you will rise above, but reminders never hurt:)

This is why writing out your PURPOSE is so important. Sometimes life gets tough, it’s one thing after another and ANOTHER and another. Unfortunately it is “easy” to lose sight of what’s actually important to you and be influenced by others. If everyone wrote their PURPOSE and lived by it, there wouldn’t be chronic negativity in the world. Well there would be very less: I don’t think being a pessimistic prick is the end goal of intention for those people, I think they just become it and get so far off track that they start believing it and living it out, while their real purpose is lost years ago.

Writing out your PURPOSE helps you vision the 4 most important aspects to life as one. Personal, Family, Career, Society/ Faith. That's the whole,then comes the goals. I know better than anyone that not meeting a goal can be frustrating and defeating. That's where a back up plan comes in! If you truly want to succeed at something, you will. You have the tools and you will do it. You'll look back in a year and see how much your "game" has increased and be amazed.

Purpose is forever, Goals are right now. In the Make It Happen Planner there is a place for 50 goals with deadline and game plan in the back. Goals are just wishes without a plan. I have developed DIRECTIONAL METHODS to assist you in accomplishing those goals. It's as simple as Start, Slow, Go, and sometimes Reverse.


PURPOSE- goals- GAME PLAN- schedule- ACHIEVE- reward- GIVE BACK- repeat

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