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15 Signs to Look for to Avoid a Physically/ Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Bad relationships suck (the life RIGHT out of you). Look for these telltale signs to avoid and abort mission! I'm not picking on guys, this can be ladies too. Regardless, it's no good and you should GTFO.

  1. He doesn’t have many friends and the ones he does have he talks negatively about.

  2. He treats people like they aren’t good enough for him.

  3. He’s not interested in letting you have time with your friends.

  4. Your friends notice the signs and tell you, but you defend him for whatever reason.

  5. His exes are all psycho.

  6. He criticizes you and makes you believe it’s for the best. How you spend your time, how you act, the things that you say…

  7. If you have a feeling you’re too good for him, YOU ARE. Before long he’ll be making you feel like nothing you do is good enough for him.

  8. DRAMA? Bye.

  9. He expects you to do things he wouldn’t do for you or even himself.

  10. He “jokingly” calls you names, and when confronted you are the problem because you take everything too seriously.

  11. He gets angry when he’s had a couple drinks.

  12. He tries to control what you wear.

  13. He tries to change you, and before you know it you are revisiting your [PURPOSE] wondering how you got here.

  14. He tries to distance you from your parents and has negative things to say about them.

  15. He is never genuinely happy, there’s always an issue.

They say we get what we put out in this world. The first step is looking in the mirror at your own shortcomings and things you've done to contribute to the chaos. Then, write out your ideal scene.

Remember, no one is worth your sanity. The right one makes us feel loved no matter the situation and never tries to change us. It is so entirely refreshing to be with someone who feels like they are lightening your load rather than multiplying it. He won't put limitations on his love, it is unconditional. You will see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch, and know it in your heart.

Check out our relationship pages to map out your ideal relationship.

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