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How PURPOSE has changed me. Chapter 1. Personal

Living on PURPOSE is vital to my life, and outlining it is essential to everyone’s. Here’s how it has affected me…

PERSONAL: It’s changed my life substantially. This is WHY I wrote the MAKE IT HAPPEN planner. I was feeling defeated with everything, like I was putting in the work and the hours and I was so unhappy with myself and the results. Between running two resorts, working with my dad’s trucking company, being a mom and working out to maintain a healthy body type. I was trying to get the most work done as I possibly could, not taking into account how I was making other people feel. I was snappy towards people for no reason other than I was in a hurry all the time. I didn’t WANT to be like that, and I didn’t feel like that was “me” at all. I needed to figure something out.

Now I pride myself on being approachable and always improving. One of my hugest aspects of my PURPOSE has always been to help people, and I was doing it in the dumbest ways. I polished it up into “helping people in a smart way that would continue to improve their life or work their way out of negative situations.” Cue another reason for writing the MAKE IT HAPPEN, defining PURPOSE, and the directional methods. I didn’t forecast business for future, I was just looking at what needed to get done RIGHT NOW. I was working my butt off and I felt like a bad mom even though I spent a lot of time with my son, there wasn’t a lot of QUALITY time.

Now I schedule in quality time that contributes to his growth and happiness every week. Rather than working out daily, sometimes twice daily, I added “to maintain a healthy lifestyle forever.” Now I work out 30 min a day if I can, and when I don’t, I schedule in “staying active” time for my fam, together. I am mindful of what I put into my body, and how much alcohol I consume. Working out is more essential for my mental health than it is for my “body type.” And I’m so happy with where I’m at.

Vacation as many times as possible for my wandering heart has been a part of my purpose before the MAKE IT HAPPEN, but I spiced it up a bit: Vacation as much as possible, at least 4 breaks per year, impact my life and the world by doing so. Sooo I’ve been taking a break once a quarter for a while, but what was that doing for my life? Blacking out and going to concerts isn’t exactly contributing to my ideal purpose. It was fun, we had a good run, but I am meant for more. Instead of carry on luggage consisting of swim suits and an extra pair of shoes, now I bring MAKE IT HAPPEN planners! And I sprinkle that shit on everyone. It’s made a huge difference in peoples’ lives throughout the WORLD. It felt so weird writing “impact my life and the world by doing so…” I was like Mmmmkkk, now how am I going to make this happen… and then bam, the MAKE IT HAPPEN is how I’m going to make it happen. Since I changed the wording in my PURPOSE outline, people have messaged me after every vaca I take. The best one from a gal in Canada, telling me I actually saved her life.

Another important piece to my personal purpose is maintaining a connection with important people, new and old. Since writing that, I have rekindled a best friendship with my bae. And I make time for those people, 100% of the time. When I’m busy, I ask myself, does this support my purpose? Yes. Then, I’m sold.

Stay tuned for how PURPOSE has changed the rest of my life. We still have FAMILY, CAREER, and SOCIETY to touch on. Subscribe to my list @ to get Important People perks and blog posts to your email.

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