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It feels so draining when we aren't being loved the way we desire. I'm talking that love from our husbands, our kids, our parents, our friends. All the people WE LOVE SO MUCH and expect that love in it's highest form given back to us, as humans.

First let's talk about recreating expectations, and identifying limiting beliefs. For example, the belief (from your entire life) that your ideal relationship looks like x, y, and z. And well, maybe XYZ doesn't exactly add up for your life and your circumstances.

Keep in mind: your PURPOSE is a non negotiable, an example may be "keep our relationship special and important."

What IS FLEXIBLE is how you get there.

For EVER I thought we needed a date night once a week, or every other week. Being in a blended family and having kids 24/7, that is not easily possible. Looking at the facts and reality of the situation, we came to the conclusion what works for us is QUALITY time. Setting boundaries with our kids and not being there for every "MOM, DAAAAAD" "MOM!" that they constantly beller.

Being honest with them and telling them that we are taking some time for ourselves today and will be available for them in a bit (when the movie is over) (when we get back from a hike in the woods) (at a certain time). The next part is tricky, but not when we are consciously living PURPOSE promise of "Giving enough love every day to last a lifetime, Never do too much for them and give them the tools to be able." THAT is how you get out of that stupid parenting guilt we ALL have. Dude. Our kids are fine, they don't need our undivided attention every moment we are home with them. It's also our jobs to give them the love and show them the things they need as they continue to grow into able adolescents.

AKA We are way too hard on ourselves. We need to fuel that fire within our PURPOSE. We need to keep giving out love in abundance. We need to also realize that it should come without expectation. If we continually shed what's not working for us, we will be ready and open for abundance. Get rid of limiting beliefs, holdbacks, all the bologna that isn't feeling good or working for us, and let's recreate.

CRYSTALS for LOVE: Rose Quartz (unconditional love), Olive Jade (healing effects on the heart), Emerald (mercy, compassion, universal love) and amethyst, clear quartz, selentine to amplify.

OILS for LOVE: rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandlewood and even some spicier ones like nutmeg, ginger, and black pepper!

INTENTIONS: I invite love in abundance to dance throughout the path of my heart space. I love and give love to _______________, I have compassion for myself and all things, I forgive and do not hold onto grief and sorrow. Ignite the flame of passion and the love in my heart to rise above mediocracy. Love is the most powerful feeling for my spiritual being and I invite love to burn bright however the universe needs me to feel it.

Insert crystal grid under your bed. Some spicy lingerie, essential oils and LOVE in ABUNDANCE.

Insert crystal grid at your kitchen table, hold hands in prayer, diffuse some oils and LOVE IN ABUNDANCE.

Give your Mama a charged crystal and some oil, write her a love note and plant a fat one on her cheek.

Invite your bestie to come over, sit on each side of the crystal grid, hands hovering and say intentions together, in love we grow.

Happy LOVE Month Ya'll! I LOVE YOU!

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