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PURPOSE Can Heal The World

Things have been a touch crazy recently, that is no question. The chaos at the Whitehouse and Media's response even drove me off of social media (where I have been trapped, being a small business owner and trying it make it). Here's what I learned in the last week: I must overcome.

It's not as simple as walking away from the broadcast and news media, that part was easy. I made a promise to my purpose a long time ago to remove myself where I didn't feel good. Listening to and reading the news NEVER feels good. It's all one sided on one way or another with (not so) hidden agendas and corruption. That shit just plain and simple doesn't belong to me.

Most people who live on PURPOSE don't accept that as reality. Blatant and unashamed lies, you know what gets me? People believe them! That part hurts me, as an empath and a purpose coach. Life must go on. Time to kick those PURPOSE promises into high gear and overcome the bologna.

Rule number one: believe that most people are good. Know that we are all connected. That is essential for an open crown chakra, yet so many are succumbing to what people are telling them as the truth, on both sides. Its heavy, negative energy that we do not need in our lives: every media outlet I have seen is using such narcissistic words like "EVERYONE," "ALWAYS," "NEVER," "THE REBUBLICANS," "THE DEMOCATS," "THE RIGHT," "THE LEFT." Here's a little article from Psychology Today, referencing what narcissists do on the regular, sound familiar?

  1. Insist on being the exception to the rule

  2. Project an image of superiority

  3. Make a great first impression, quickly wear out their welcome (HAHAHAHA)

  4. Boost ego by implying others are inferior

  5. Assume everyone adores them

  6. Put their own feelings above (WE THE PEOPLES) needs

Now I will share 6 things about living on PURPOSE

1. Emotionally and Physically lead by example

2. Understand what mistakes teach me and learn from them

3. Be approachable and always improving

4. Facts and Realty OVER Ego and Judgement (kill my ego everyday the best i can)

5. Remember everyone has something to teach me

6. Help People in a smart way that lasts and continues to improve their lives and work their way out of negative situations.

PURPOSE OVER POLITICS PEOPLE. It's time for our country to heal. WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE better, and living on PURPOSE we will gain control of each of our individual lives. How can we do that? Stop entertaining it and fueling the fire. Work on ourselves, look at our influence on our own unhappiness and feelings. Stop being so freaking egocentric and start contributing to a better life for ourselves, our families. Cut out the toxicity. Forget what we learned that doesn't apply to us. Recreate our limiting beliefs and hold backs. Heal from our childhoods, heal from past trauma. Show compassion and gratitude. Stand up for yourself and trust in your own decisions. MOVE FORWARD. If this is hard to read, I get it. You've been conditioned to believe that you don't have control, well you do. Step up. Time for a life on PURPOSE. Trust me, it's better over here.

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