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RELEASE. Last Quarter

Release everything that feels icky and sticky. Forgive assholes. Anything that is taking up emotional and spiritual space in your life that doesn’t feel good: figure out how to get rid of it. Writing it down and burning it is one of my favorites this moon phase. Clean your house, clean your closet, rid your pantry of that outdated cereal you are never going to eat. Make white chili with those weird beans that are everywhere when you’re just looking for some green beans for dinner.

Can’t find matches to socks? Stressing you out because they are cluttering your laundry room? Wear them as mismatches and let go of that OCD bullshit that’s been consuming you, if you can’t do that- get rid of them.

Pissed off because of a cycle that continues to happen? Take yourself out of the situation. Physically, leave. Mentally, get out of there. Accept things for what they are if you are going to stay, and change your mindset. Rid yourself of negative thoughts. Make whatever space you need to keep the phases in alignment.

Forgiveness shouldn’t and doesn’t have to take a lot of energy. Forgive to a point where it just doesn’t matter anymore or affect you in any type of way. Realize you don’t “Live there anymore.”

Let go in your own way to create space for the new moon’s beginnings and intentions. We only have so much space for the things in our lives, you may feel like you are a super human and can do all things and control all things, but the facts are: you can’t. Release needs to happen to accept newness. Let go of control on things that don’t matter to you, on the things that you just plain and simple have no control over.

See you on another moon, the waning crescent when it’s time to surrender.

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1 Comment

Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer
Oct 10, 2020

One of your best ones yet! 💜🔥👍🏻

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