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MARCH: Because sometimes you need a third chance at the "New Year." MARCH, because that is when I FINALLY received my refill stock of MAKE IT HAPPENS and I NEED YOUR HELP! I need your help enriching other people's lives with the tools to crush success. (It's totally fine, they are TWELVE MONTH UNDATEDS). But that's not all- these are planners with PURPOSE, HAPPINESS, GOALS,QUARTERLY INSIGHTS, TIME MANAGEMENT and a PLAN for anything.

Happiness, we all want it and we can all have it. It starts with PURPOSE. Think of yourself as a machine (like a car). You need wheels to move. Four is great, you can get where you're going on four wheels. Your purpose starts with four aspects: Personal, Family, Society/Faith, and Career. Plug in what you're legacy is going to be, when it's all said and done- how do you want people to remember you?

Happiness, what do we do to contribute to our own? What do we do that sucks the happiness right out of our lives? We need to be accountable for OURSELVES and look at it right in the face of what it is. The MAKE IT HAPPEN helps you do that.

START somewhere, name your game. SLOW, test the waters and see how it's going to work, GO, RUN WITH IT! Or, REVERSE, and change your operation basis & create a new plan. That's it, as the year(s) goes on it will become second nature to plug in the directional methods and get where you're going on your own time.

So, I'm starting here: I am going to give away a MAKE IT HAPPEN Planner to someone in EVERY STATE in the United States! Click HERE to get directed to the contest. Thank you for reading, and thank you for playing!


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