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It's Half Time: Put Me In Coach!

Except the coach is yourself and half time is 2018.

Here we are, the year is half way done. But we still have half way to go! Make it count.

If you have PURPOSE written out, reevaluate your actions and contributions thus far in the year. Feeling good about that? Awesome! Don't change anything and keep doing you.

Get sick to your stomach because you know you had good intentions but didn't follow through on any of them? Write out your ideal scene. Go to your planner and look at PURPOSE: what is your ideal scene of family life? Personal aspect...? Career? Society/ Faith... What are your hopes for the world?

Going through a break up, lose a job? How long were you with the person/position? It's going to take time to heal, sure. But it's going to take positive motion to move forward. Do you! Make sure you have a clear picture on who "you" are though. What even makes you happy and how often do you do things that contribute to your happiness? Yeah yeah you work a lot, but there is plenty of time to do the things that feed your soul. Write down what your dream self, dream life and dream job is. You will make it happen because you'll know precisely what you are looking to do.

Not sure about your current career because you know there is more to you than working with people who don't match your vibe, or you need something to actually wake up and be excited about? Make a change. Have a plan. Jump in, stop being a slave to something that doesn't light your fire and serve your purpose. When times get tough, don't forget about the fourth directional method, REVERSE. Something's not working? Who cares! Try another approach. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Change your normal operating basis. Write down what didn't work and promise to get out of that habit. Perhaps make new habits. Then, create a NEW PLAN to promote, economize and deliver the crap out of it.

Schedule your week on Sundays. What are your top priorities to get done? Habits to make... OR BREAK? What is the thing you wanted to accomplish last week that required a more complex game plan, how are you doing on that? Once you start doing this weekly, it won't matter WHAT you did in the last 6 months. You're going to be feeling great about being busy and utilizing your time. You are going to be so busy being excited about what's next to even worry about the past.

Most importantly, don't forget the most important pieces to the pie... your friends and accountability partners. Any journey is better with like minded, positive thinking,vibe attracting peers. Show them gratitude, tell them you appreciate them! I am thankful for my customers, so as a welcome gift to the "important people" club, I am gifting a puravida friendship bracelet with any MAKE IT HAPPEN Planner purchase! And for those who already have a MAKE IT HAPPEN, post a photo of your planner: tell us why you love it and I will send one out to you too!!!

CHEERS to the rest of 2018!

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