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I AM NOT CRAZY (well maybe a little bit...)

Why is it so important to live by PURPOSE?

Most people have never even thought about writing their PURPOSE, let alone living by it! People look at me like I’m cracked in the head when I ask if they’ve written their PURPOSE. They look at me like I am some type of foreign creature because I am so passionate about the MAKE IT HAPPEN planner and all that it’s about. I first wrote PURPOSE 10 years ago, and for the most part, it’s remained the same. Each year I add and even take some things away that aren’t important to me anymore. But knowing exactly WHO I am and what I stand for and need to create is my guideline for my life. I have gotten off track so many times it’s not even measurable, but all that matters, is I recognize it and make changes appropriately.

When I am not “feelin’ it,” I reread my HAPPINESS pages in my planner and remember: DUH I am amazing. I am a fierce goddess who holds the reins on influence in my life and I am going to help other people make the same changes to create a better world. You know that saying, “look how far you’ve come…?” That hits home, I can remember when the MAKE IT HAPPEN planner was just a distant thought in my mind. Then, the creating process, printing, selling the first edition, PURPOSE workshops monthly, and now a new a5. I am living my best life, because I know exactly what it looks like, and EXACTLY who I have to be to do so, and EXACTLY what I have to do to get there. Letting the journey take precedence over the destination.

It’s really that easy, but you have to start somewhere. If you have a MAKE IT HAPPEN and you are timid to write your PURPOSE, just do it! Email me if you have questions, facetime me… I am here for you! If you haven’t taken the step to get a MAKE IT HAPPEN, DO IT. Stop debating, stop watching me and all these Important People do great things, join us! Trust me, I stand by this thing 100% and if it doesn’t change your life I will totally give you your $$ back. THREE more days ‘til December, don’t wait for a new year to make changes, get a head start!

PURPOSE is for YOU! You bust your ass on the daily, do you know why? Are you enjoying it? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Do you even LIKE the tunnel? C'mon Guys... LIVE ON PURPOSE. Do not just exist.

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