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Everyone's Paths Cross for a Reason

Goodbye “Self 1”

Goodbye Ego + Judgement

Do you guys even know how much “bigger” our game gets when we let go of ego and judgement, let’s call it our “self 1,” and focus on our “self 2,” reality? Think of all the people who’ve done you wrong. You can either be spiteful and pessimistic, or you can buck up and get over your ego and look at it as a learning experience. What is this trying to teach you? How are you going to come out of this situation as a better, more evolved person?


I talk about [PURPOSE] like it’s my job. (Because it is) Think about this: even the people who tell me, “I don’t have a [PURPOSE], I’m happy with existing and watching the world around me. What is meant to be will be,” would probably agree with me when I say they don’t intentionally want to feel negative or harsh feelings towards a situation or person. BUT, somehow it happens. It happens because of our ego’s and judgement. If we promised to let go of our “self 1,” can you even imagine how much better off we’d be? WHO CARES about how it made you feel. WHO CARES if it was a shitty thing for them to do. You can choose to no longer associate with that person, you can promise yourself to detour the situation altogether. That’s the first step. Moving onward and upward, the next thing you can do is ask yourself, “What is this trying to teach me?” Be thankful for that person who is no longer in your life. Typically when we lose someone either they mess up or we mess up, perhaps a mixture of both. Life is going to be a much more delightful journey if we set our emotions aside and agree that we met each other to reach some sort of awakening.


Everyone we meet in this life shows up for a reason and will serve some type of [PURPOSE] to our being. Let’s focus on evolving instead of agony. Let’s look at the reality and all be good and better people together.

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