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I Started Important Stuff Stays because I was sick of working myself to death for no reason. I felt like a bad mom and friend because work came before everything, and It wasn’t aligning with my true idea of life, I was so unhappy and lashing out on employees and customers. It got to a point where I wasn’t even excited about life anymore, and that’s totally not me. Basically, I was floating by and not actually living.

It wasn’t that easy though, I needed EVERYONE to live on PURPOSE. Hardly anyone even thinks, “OK, here are my promises to my life in the 4 aspects that make up my life.” Nobody. Ever. WHY??? We let society tell us what we are supposed to do and we don’t even have a say in it? No. Not doing that and I’m creating an entire tribe who doesn’t do that either. I was so sick and tired of being surrounded by close minded, negative people with a small game. Of course, not everyone fit into that group, I was just perceiving them to be because I was unhappy with my own life, oh, but some did. After living on PURPOSE, I finally left an abusive marriage, left people who didn’t align with my PURPOSE behind, and I can confidently say that I am happy and I will never look back. It is so powerful to say that I do not allow anything or anyone that doesn’t align with my PURPOSE into my life.

Really, I just want to make sure I have a fun, happy, intentional life. I need my children to be contributing members of society to do the same. I want to be protected from assholes, so I need to live on PURPOSE every day, for MYSELF. It’s important to love yourself. I needed affirmation from myself, to give myself the go ahead on a happy life. Doesn’t that sound messed up? I mean, it kind of is, but it’s the truth. Society puts so much bullshit in our heads to paint this picture of the life we should be living.

I needed a tool to keep me accountable for my own BS too. I promise to continually learn and focus on important things in my life. Because THE IMPORTANT STUFF STAYS. Everyone deserves to live on PURPOSE with PEACE AND POWER. That’s what my brand is all about.

Since 2017, I have written 3 PURPOSE planners (with variations), a parenting (co-parenting or foster care) notebook, mentored and coached hundreds of people to live on their PURPOSE, and I finally worked in PURPOSE products, such as comfortable outfits, crystals, smudge bundles, seasonings, even home goods. Everything to easier assist people towards a happy, fulfilled life of intention without having to take more time out of their precious schedules to shop it and bring into their lives.

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