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What Are You Doing "Here?"

It’s time to talk about PURPOSE.

Why are you here, on this earth and what are you doing about it? You won’t get the answers from any media outlet, politician or your family. They will tell you what THEY have been brainwashed into as the truth. We all have a different reality. We all have a different PURPOSE.

Here’s what I do know, our PURPOSE is the final result of our spirit. When we die, as well all do, our spirit lives on for eternity. If you have gone 80 years without opening your mindset, learning, and giving a shit about what’s happening around you- your spirit will either be completely irrelevant or it will be dark. We have adequate opportunity to grow and polish up our soul, ourselves every single day. You make the choice if you’re going to do it or not. I am sick and tired of seeing people as “wo is me” and “my cards suck,” without actually doing anything about it. I’m done with the mainstream media and any form of government making decisions for me or anyone I surround myself with. There is so much more to this world and we are being railroaded. Taking GOD out of the picture? What in the actual fuck. I want to know, if you do not believe in God and angels, spirit guides- than what do you believe in? Do you believe we are living and breathing on this earth to just go completely lights out when we expire?

I’m here to tell you, I have met our creators. Yes that’s right, GOD and Aliens created this universe. Forget what you heard, what you read, what your cousin’s aunt told you. I saw it with my own soul, on a couple occasions. It’s part of my duty here on earth to help people understand that they MUST make and live by promises to their lives to create the best possible outcome for their afterlife. I had no idea that’s what I was doing when I started writing PURPOSE planners and showing people the importance of writing and living their own PURPOSE, but I do now, and I’m not going to be beating around the bush anymore.

There was a small disconnect in my system: energy healing.

With everything we’ve experienced, learned (knowingly or unknowingly) and been through, comes energies. It’s either helping you, hurting you, or just taking up meaningless space in your mind. There are a lot of different types of energy healing, but I do know that NONE will hurt you, only help you. My recommendation is a Mind & Body Reset- touching on the access points in your head where electromagnetic representations are stored *your thoughts, and each one has it’s own frequency. You can change those frequencies by eliminating beliefs and hold backs, next comes your energy wheels (chakras).

There are 7 of them in your body. Root (grounding/stability/fear/guilt), Sacral Plexus (pleasure, worthiness, peace, trauma, abuse, significant changes to an environment making it really hard to express what’s going on), Solar Plexus (purpose, depth, anger and control issues, power trips), Heart (love, compassion, connectivity, hope, trusting, heartache and grief), Throat (balancing silence and speech, effective communication, truth, creation, expression, or difficulty expressing that truth and choking on words, suppressing talents), Third Eye (seeing beyond physical sight, acting on intuition, awareness, or lack of trust in your intuition, tunnel vision if it’s blocked), Crown (elevated consciousness, knowing our identity goes beyond physical self, knowing we are all connected, spiritual insight, acting on your intuition, or the inability to believe that there is spirit and soul in everyone, creating disconnects with our people).

I have created a system to keep you open, keep your light shining and your wheels turning- in alignment to whatever your vision is. WHY aren’t you using it? It’s simple.

Shine On.

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Cathy Conrad
Cathy Conrad
03 ago 2022

You Rock!

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