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7 Ways to Happiness + Fulfillment

  • Define your reason to your existence. What’s your PURPOSE for life? It’s a heck of a lot easier to stay on track when it’s YOUR track and not what society is telling you to do. Figure out what your important aspects to yourself, your loved ones, your career and society are! Then make promises. Cut off toxicity, don’t surround yourself with downers. No negative thinking without problem solving.

  • Write down everything that makes you HAPPY. When you have some downtime, or you’re actually scheduling YOU time in your life: plug it innnnn. Sounds weird but we are programmed for routines and we totally forget what brings us happiness and when we have a minute to ourselves we forget what we even like to do.

  • Keep a Mental Health Tracker. Take 2 minutes everyday to recap on your thoughts/ feelings and see how you were feeling and WHY. If you are at a reoccurring low tone, tap into the Directional Methods and get on your good graces baby! Smudge. Set your intention, open your windows, light some sage and get the low tones out.

  • Write down what you do that contributes to your unhappiness. Figure out how you can change your habits. Turn a bad habit into a good one. Write it down every single week until it has become a habit and repeat! This is what I call “polishing yourself up.”

  • Set Goals. But don’t just write them down, give yourself a deadline and jot down the first steps of your Directional Method to get there. Accomplishment feels so damn good.

  • Get shit done. Instead of pondering, put your dream to paper and create a plan. Be all in! Use time management, and plan out your entire week the best you can on your plan sesh days.

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