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The Power of DOING.

Let’s talk SOLAR PLEXUS HEALING this morning and how you can overcome anything by being committed to frequency and PURPOSE. Big PURPOSE energy. All about digging deeper into yourself and uncovering the layers and always a few walls we put up. Let us face the facts, the reason we don’t dive into the depths of ourselves and our purpose is usually fear of the unknown, mixed with a whole buncha limiting thoughts and beliefs of “can’t,” “too hard,” “not enough time,” and all the rest of anything else you want to make excuses about.

You have the power to make the promises. You have the power to forgive, yourself and others and move on with your life. Whatever you’ve done in the past is NOT a life sentence. We are changing daily. We are growing constantly, as long as we are DOING the work. I’m not talking about doing substantial things each day- I am simply stating that even the smallest shift in the right frequency is the recipe you’ll need to live your life on PURPOSE. Be who you want to be. Be who you say you are. Be whoever that looks like to you.

There will always be those people who project things onto you, try to gaslight or manipulate and who will be jealous of your growth. That is not your problem. That’s not yours to allow. The cool thing is, they have a Solar Plexus Chakra too! And they can heal whenever they are ready. That has nothing to do with you. Let me put a little buzz in your ear. The next time someone tries to bring you down with some bullshit, just smile and say, “that’s an interesting perspective!” It’s PURPOSE CODE for shut the F up and let me go about my business.

I haven’t always been this cool. You see, I used to hold onto many blocks and low frequencies. It’s easy to do. Probably easier for the regular human to hold onto those and accept as your reality and destiny than it is to change them and decide for yourself. It doesn’t work well though. You’ll always have contradictory pulls/pushes and thoughts. If you’re living life on someone elses terms, disregarding boundaries and your own promises, you will never feel true joy or authenticity.

I used to have a bigggg problem with alcohol. Like for my whole life. In my most recent issues with alcohol I would use it as a coping mechanism for literally anything. Sad? Have a drink. Happy? Have a drink. Lonely, drink up! Stupid. I’m not sure I would’ve noticed it was an issue without my commitment to purpose and growth. It was so normal with everyone around me. I wish I could say that was my first lesson in what’s “normal” is seldom right, but those lessons are literally everywhere in today’s culture. That is another day’s blog post where I’m stuck in the mountains for weeks on end with nothing else to do but write.

I chose purpose over alcoholism simply because of the frequency. Growth or stagnancy? Did I want to spend my time and energy doing something worthwhile, or did I want to spend my freetime being a prisoner of alcohol and the rest of the crap that comes with it… most of time times including but not limited to: toxic low frequency people, bad decisions as alcohol impacts your brain and impairs judgement, being groggy and foggy the next day, limiting so many things in my life, and do I dare talk about the money wasted? I work very hard for my money, and to spend carelessly on something to fuck my shit up seems pretty crazy huh.

When I started digging deeper into my reason for existence and promises to my life, the rest flowed or fizzled out. What’s that saying... “the important stuff stays!” If you’re looking for some PURPOSE PROMISES to add you’re your toolkit *Make it Happen Planner, HEALTHY SELF REFLECTION is a must. Another way to word it would be, MAINTAIN GOOD PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH FOR A LIFETIME. I like them both, so they are both plastered all over my life. With those promises, I’m able and now it comes second nature to ask my gut, my intuition, my solar plexus chakra (whatever you want to call it…) How this aligns with the life I’m creating? What is the frequency of this action? Does this really jazz me up? That is how I learned to trust myself, by trusting in God, my spirit guides, angels and everyone who has my back spiritually on another dimension- the entities that aren’t clouded by earthly judgement, and by just looking at the true energy of each situation.

Here are a list of things I did INSTEAD of going out every weekend.

  • Reading! Lots of it. I prefer self help and learning books, non fiction. But whatever tickles your fancy!

  • Cooking gourmet/healthy/taste of the world stuff for my friends and fam.

  • Meditating

  • Writing and Journaling in my planner, on my computer, wherever.

  • Drawing and Painting with my kids.

  • Board games.

  • Movies.

  • Hiking.

  • Fishing.

  • Admiring sunsets. Breathing in that color and frequency and allowing it to tingle my soul.

  • Walks! Jogs. Playing “Russel” the creepy alter-ego and chase my kids down the road. (my favorite)

  • Camping.

  • Hunting! I now identify as an expert archerist. I'm kidding and I know archerist isn’t a word but I like it.

  • Kayaking/ Paddle Boarding/ Canoeing.

  • Planting Stuff. Flowers & Food, and my feet on the ground.

  • Yoga.

  • Visiting a new state park at least once a month.

  • Youth Group or Activities with KIDS

  • Reconnecting with friends and family.

  • Reflecting on my day, my week, even my month. No negative thinking without problem solving, that also led to finding NEW things that excite me/promote new life for my family. Ensuring I’m leading by EXAMPLE and never just words.

Whatever the heck I WANT TO DO! There are no limits. And that’s what YOU WILL DO TOO, when you realize that there will be no changes in your life unless you MAKE THEM! Opening your Solar Plexus with PURPOSE is possibly the most important thing you’ll do with your life and your spiritual growth.

What causes your SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA to be blocked or hold onto low frequency? Repressed Anger, or Helplessness. Anger control issues, usually relating to power. Meaning: you felt weak, someone said you were weak or you “COULDN’T,” or maybe they showed you and you learned this by example. You feel powerless so you take the easiest way and cope, instead of believing in yourself and rising above. Who you going to actually listen to? Low frequency OR HIGH frequency? Angels and God, or Demons and Satan?

What can you DO to open: Identify your PURPOSE and Live it OUT! Explore the depths of yourself and in each aspect of Purpose. (Family, Personal, Career or Education, and Society/Faith/the WORLD)

“I can cultivate power in healthy ways. I am whole. I know who I am, I am worthy of peace and abundance.”

Crystals to use to hold SOLAR PLEXUS frequency: Citrine, amber, yellow topaz, yellow tigers eye, and yellow agate. Are you seeing a trend? YELLOW is the color of PURPOSE. That’s why sunrise and sunsets are super cool for infusing the good stuff into your spirit.

Essential oils to put on your tummy, or anywhere you want that get you pepped up and ready to conquer your life: lemon, lavender, rosemary, roman chamomile for digging deeper and feeling OK in your body.

Let’s talk about that “feeling OK in your body thing…” When your solar plexus chakra is blocked, it’ll be super hard or maybe uncomfortable for you to slow down and take time for inner reflection. Chances are, you’ve probably been avoiding yourself for a long time. That’s why you stay busy, hustle, grind, focus your attention on absolutely anything else besides yourself. You will not grow or learn a damn thing about yourself or your purpose doing that, so please, for the love… stop. You will never be able to actually genuinely and authentically show up for ANYONE else, including your own kids, if you don’t first show up for YOURSELF.

Mental Signs your PURPOSE CHAKRA is unhealthy:

  • You have trust issues

  • Youre afraid of a lot of things, or you make decisions based on fear. “if I don’t do this… this will happen..”

  • Low self esteem and/or low self respect

  • Intimidation

  • Sensitive to healthy criticism

  • Afraid to make decisions, OR YOU ARE A TRIGGER PULLER. *make decisions without thinking them through big picture

Physical Signs:

  • Ulcers

  • Arthritis

  • Colon/Intestinal Issues

  • Weird Tummy Stuff

  • Fatigue

  • Eating Disorders (or eating your feelings…)

  • Problems with Alcohol

  • Workaholic

  • Using anything as a crutch not to dig deeper into your life.

Maybe you're ready, maybe you're not. I'll be here whenever you decide to heal and grow. It's spring, afterall.

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Thank you for investing in your life today:)

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